ORMI is an Association of Independent Marine Contractors formed to provide highly experienced rig movers and marine consultants to the worldwide offshore drilling rig industry. Our goal is to meet the requirements and demands associated with the relocation of drilling units and supply expertise for special projects in the offshore oil industry. We have formed a cadre of highly experienced Marine Consultants who, as a group, have strong references and documented work experience in nearly every facet of rig operations and moving the various types Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, from world area relocations to difficult Field Location Moves.


Our goal is to supply Consultant Rig Movers and Marine Representatives, who have both the technical knowledge and experience in rig positioning, jacking, and preloading, in order to maximize the MODU on hire time and minimize risk to our customers and their clients in the offshore market at a competitive rate. It is our mission to supply only the best personnel, and if that is not possible, we will decline the work on those grounds alone.  This is our firm promise and company policy.


  • Rig Movers
  • Tow Masters
  • Marine Consultants
  • Marine Advisor / Safety Rep.
  • Project Manager (Marine)
  • Heavy-lift Load-Outs
  • Towage Approval
  • Salvage
  • Expert Witness